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The Gifts Of Festivals ,Plush Toys And Accessories
Weihai Wonder Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd

Weihai Wonder Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd Is a processing enterprise of foreign trade.Our company has its own export and import’s right, systematic sectors engaged in designing,manufacturing,processing with supplied designs and selling.

The original wonderful designs created by our experienced designers have been representing the lastest fashions in the international market.Our products are mainly of three series:The gifts of festivals ,plush toys and accessories.Our products are sold far to Asia,Europe,America,Germany,France,USA,Braziland etc.Since establishing,our company sales,output value,profitstax have been increasing progressively year and develop further.

To cooper ate with our clients with absolute sincerity and for common prosperity is our principle.Let us express our gratitude to our friends and clients for the support and help all circles for business cooperation...... 【See Details】


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